YouTuber and Affiliate Daymond “Chief” Jones

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Chief Daymond Jones is a wonderful sage for our time and voice of reason within the 2A community.

He started in the law enforcement at age 14 as a Dallas Police Cadet/Explorer and continued to age 17, and at age 21 he became a full-time Peace Officer just outside Dallas, Texas and worked as a Peace Officer In Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama over a 40-year career.

His experience brought him a special duty assignments as dualy appointed Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshall in Texas in the early 80’s.

He retired as a Chief of Police two times from different agencies in Florida in 1997 and again in 2005. He was once again working as a dual certified deputy sheriff and correctional officer in late 2005 and was disabled due to a line-of-duty injury stopping a homicide in progress.

His Sheriff made an administrative determination for him to take a medical retirement in 2008, but that didn’t keep him down.

In n 2010 – 2011 Chief Jones went back to work for a local DPS unit in Alabama.

He came out one more time in 2014 as the Chief Deputy Constable in his county till final retirement in 2018.

He is excited for what appears to be his final retirement that ran 1978 to 2018.

These days Chief Jones has a YouTube channel and he calls – Daymond Chief Jones.

He was a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout, and an Explorer. He later became a Boy Scout Leader in connection with his police job during the 1991 through 1996 and again in 1998 through 2003.

His affiliations:

He was a Eagle Lodge member for about 10 years,
He was a Masonic Lodge member for about 15 years,
He is an active member of the SDF – Self Defense Fund,
He is an active member of OCT – Open Carry Texas,
He is an active member of NRA National Rifle Association,
He is an active member of GROA Gun Rights of America,
He is an active member of GOA Gun owners of America,
He is an active of the Florida Sheriff Association,
He is the Pastor of his Church – Sovereign Church of Jesus.

Contact Chief:
Direct:  833.487.2677, Ext. 3

Chief Daymond Jones YouTube Channel (click image below to visit):


Chief Daymond Jones recently appeared on The Amazing Doc Greene Show to talk about Olmos Park, Texas arrests of members (at minute/hour 1.00):


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As seen and heard on The Savage Nation with Michael Savage, Bloomberg Radio, The Biz Radio Network on The Price of Business with Kevin Price, US Daily Review, USA Business Radio, American Voice Radio Network, Bryan Blue TV, Hank FM Radio with Erin Wilde,, and The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show. has attended numerous gun shows across the country and has been affiliated with some of the largest “grass roots” gun rights group in the country.

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