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Optimum Coverage

Optimum + $10 Million

  • The best value for our clients
  • Unlimited Attorney Fees PLUS
  • $10 Million per person per occurrence
  • access to exclusive members only content
  • Bail Bond $100,000
  • Civil Judgement Paid
  • Supersedeas Bond




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Other Membership Options

  • Individual, Family, Instructors
  • Security & Professional
  • Place of Worship, Business
  • Police Active & Retired
  • Access to exclusive Members only content




Hunting and Fishing

Hunting & Fishing Charges?

  • The best value for our clients
  • Regular SDF Membership
  • with additional coverages
  • for Hunting & Fishing Charges




Self Defense Fund is Secured by a Fidelity Surety Bond from a National Insurance Company Rated A+ Superior

Only one legal gun defense will fight for you to the U.S. Supreme Court and cover you for both Criminal and Civil cases – unlimited attorney fees plus $1 Million Dollars if you choose the “Great Coverage Options” or $10 Million if you choose the “Best Coverage Option.” Each option is per incident, per member in all 50 states, tribal lands and U.S. Territories; We are NOT plea bargain attorneys.

We are a National Association, with litigation “junk yard dog” attorneys in all 50 states providing our members with an aggressive attack-dog style defense for the use of any weapon including but not limited to: hand guns, rifles, shotguns, spear guns, bow & arrow, stun guns, pepper spray, knives, or any other object used to defend or protect.

Our members are Armed and Attorney protected

Recently published comprehensive comparison chart by Virginia Citizens Legal Defense (30,000 members) as of 10.31.17. Each featured company provided their own responses.

(Click here to review this comparison matrix and review plans comparison by Virginia Citizens Defense League)

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Instructors & Professionals



We protect you by paying attorneys and their legal teams to aggressively defend you. We do not spend thousands of dollars on expensive radio or TV national celebrity advertising campaigns.  We do not pay high sales commissions to gun instructors to aggressively sell to you. We do not have drawings to give away expensive guns.  This is why Self Defense Fund (SDF) can offer more coverage at a reasonable price. Compare the SDF plan to other companies.

We teach online self defense classes about: what to do and say to police when questioned, what to do or say during a traffic stop and most importantly what NOT TO DO.

We have attorneys in every state. WE ARE NOT A REFERRAL SERVICE. We pay our attorneys and their legal team to aggressively defend you because you deserve the best self defense protection that money can buy.

We offer all of our SDF members FREE online web training classes from the comfort of their home. Each course is taught by certified self defense professionals and valued at $159.00 per class, if taken in person.  However we make this valuable training available to our members for FREE. You have full control of each course Start – Pause – Stop – Rewind.  Further, you can even take each training course multiple times at your convenience for FREE.



All Court Cost

Expert Witness

Multiple Attorneys

All Civil Litigation Cost


Private Investiagtor

Criminal Litigation Cost

Up To $100,000 Bail


Detailed terms and conditions of membership are available for your review on each membership application form. We believe you will find that Self Defense Fund’s coverage is the best on the market with no cap attorney fees (unlimited) plus an extra $1 Million Dollars if you choose the “Great Coverage Options” or $10 Million if you choose the “Best Coverage Option” to cover court costs, expert witnesses, forensics, bail, appeals, and more. Protect yourself, your family, and/or your business. We also cover churches, firearms instructors, martial art instructors, private security firms and FFL Licensees.

SDF attorneys fight for our members while others try to plea bargain to save them money. Self Defense Fund attorneys are trial lawyers in all 50 states and will aggressively defend you to the full extent of the law.

You only pay for your membership. The SDF pays for all other costs. Other companies can only write you a reimbursement check and only refer you to outside attorneys.  All you have to do is call and we take care of all the rest.

Our Gift to You


Can you be prosecuted for self defense? – What does self defense mean? – Can you be prosecuted for non
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FREE BOOKLET – Self Defense Law

Knowing how the court system works is important when you protect yourself when you injure another person. This free booklet
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Court Cost Trial Booklet

Criminal Trial – You against the State or Federal Government. Civil Trial – You against another person. Download for more
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Civil Judgement Booklet

Civil Judgement against you? Just because you received an unfavorable judgement doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Protecting Sportsmen’s Rights

Hunting & Fishing in all 50 States. Private or Public Lands, Natural Resources Law, Game Warden Power, Native American Tribal
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How To Stay Out of Jail

Police Encounters & Questioning The Miranda Warnings What Should I say? Tricks Law Enforcement will use. Reasonable Suspicion vs. Probable
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