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Individual Security Officer or Private Investigator (Plus Dependent Options)

Your employer is covered by liability insurance but are you covered for using a weapon? We cover the individual officer on or off the job while in uniform or in civilian clothes, at home, or to and from the job.

Law Enforcement – Security Guard – PI – Armed & Unarmed – Litigation Coverage
If law enforcement or a security guard uses excessive force and injuries result, the injured party may be able to  eek legal remedies. Our attorneys protect you on and off the job.

Is the Employer Liable?
Possibly; under the term of “vicarious liability,” the law enforcement or security guard’s employer is liable for their actions. This stems down to whether the law enforcement officer or security guard was on-duty when someone was injured. You employer is covered but are you covered? Law enforcement officers are covered
under qualified immunity while on the job but not when  moonlighting. Our attorneys protect you the individual on and off the job – in or out of uniform.

Assault and Batter
Some common legal liability claims that establishes fault for law enforcement or security guards are categorized as intentional torts; specifically assault and battery.

When Is Law Enforcement or a Security Guard Negligent?

Another legal liability that can hold law enforcement or security guards liable is negligence. This occurs where the officer had a duty to do something but failed to do so, and as a result, you were injured. For example, where an officer has a duty to stop a fight but just watched the fight, and you got severely injured as a result, then you may have a negligence claim against the officer. Our attorneys protect you the individual on and off the job – in or out of uniform.

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