All though martial arts and firearms instruction is normally a safe and a good way to teach discipline, self-defense, and confidence you the instructor open yourself to civil law suits from students for teaching them how to injure another person even in self-defense.
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In the instruction world there are many arguments that take place. Many argue about the purpose of one’s training. Even though thousands of martial artists are interested in character-building, physical fitness and the mental discipline that comes with the training, most individuals join martial arts studios to feel more confident about their ability to protect and defend themselves and the same applies to taking firearms training or getting a gun permit.

The ability to defend your-self brings up some very interesting questions: Do you have the right to protect yourself in any way you feel is necessary?

Are you protected against assault charges, criminal or civil lawsuits brought against you by someone you injured while defending yourself?

If you are threatened with bodily harm, are you justified in taking any action necessary to protect yourself, your significant other or your personal possessions?

Any of your students who train in the martial arts should be aware of court rulings and certain laws that might affect their actions as well as you the trainer.

There are not many simple, clear-cut rights as you may think. Depending on the state or country that you reside, using your martial arts skills or shooting someone may lead to an arrest, or a costly and complicated lawsuit.

There are legal consequences in defending yourself. Remember this; in a court of law, it is assumed that you are aware of the legal limits of your actions. There’s a common legal saying, “Ignorance of the Law is No Defense.”

In today’s world martial arts and firearm instructors should be aware that you the instructor may also be held accountable for your student’s actions, especially if what you’re teaching is not within the limits of the law. Lets face it, we live in a litigate society and the laws commonly govern everything we do.






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