Business Membership

Jewelry Store, Gas Station, General Business, Convenience Store Application

$12.50 Per Month for Store and each Added Member Employee
Defend yourself and you can be sued by the criminal
The Store and owners, and each added member employee is covered up to one millions dollars, per employee, per occurrence. . No gun license is required. All weapons of any kind are covered. The Member may use the total amount for a combination of, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

More than just one attorney if needed. As a member you have the advantage of multiple specialized attorneys at your side.

Unlimited attorney fees plus one million dollars per person – per occurrence.

24/7 Emergency attorney hotline (Your call is always answered by a live operator and the call is recorded.)

Criminal litigation. (Includes all court cost)

Civil litigation. (Includes all court cost)

Case appeals up to and including State Appeals Court and US Supreme Court (Includes all court cost)

Expert witness. (If needed)

Certified scientific forensic testing lab. (If needed)

Private investigator. (If needed)

Immediate cash for a Bail Bond up to One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)

Transportation impounded. (Towing and impound fees paid up to 30 days)

Victim rights. (You have the right to counter sue your attacker to recover your losses)

Business Membership





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