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Our experienced team of trial lawyers are accompanied by a highly qualified support team who are trained and dedicated to ensure that your self defense rights are fully protected. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure your legal case receives our full attention so that your case is resolved success

If you need emergency attorney help!

Attorney 24/7 Emergency Number 817-571-7300 any time, any day, or holiday.

Member emergency call instructions:

A live person will answer and record the call. This is the first step. You will be asked for your name and phone number and some basic information. If you have been arrested then give us the name of the jail, city, and state so one of our attorneys can arrange bail. If you can not call then have a family member or friend call. Give the operator information on how a staff attorney can contact you or your family member. PLEASE ONLY GIVE BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT WHY YOU WERE DETAINED OR ARRESTED. You can have peace of mind knowing that our attorneys are there to help you.

For press and media and/or to develop a strategic alliance:

Contact: Andy Valadez, Marketing Director
Direct: 713.828.6210

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