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New Member RECEIPT of application — Also this is a RECEIPT for Member ACCOUNT UPDATE if applicable This confirms that your UPDATE OR NEW MEMBER application has been received by the National Association For Legal Gun Defense (SDF) and will be processed. Your membership ID card(S) will be mailed to you via USPS First Class Mail pending credit or debit card approval.

THIS SAME RECEIPT OF APPLICATION MESSAGE has been sent to your email address. if you do not receive this receipt message in your email “Inbox” then PLEASE CHECK YOUR “Spam” or “Junk Mail.”

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your card will be Automatically billed each month or year on the date you first became a member or on the renewal date. YOUR CARD STATEMENT from your credit or debit card issuer WILL SAY “NATIONAL ASSOCIATION F” or “SELF DEFENSE FUND” depending on the policy of the issuer.

FOR NEW MEMBERS: Your SDF coverage starts with the time and date of the new member application. Your membership ID card(s) will be mailed to you via First Class USPS snail mail if your credit or debit card has not been declined. Please allow up to two weeks to process your application and make your ID card(s) before it is mailed. We can not predict USPS snail mail delivery time. Call the office 682-238-8161 if you have questions.

NEW MEMBERS ONLY – This receipt will serve as your temporary membership card until you receive your ID card in the mail

To access the Library, your user name is your email and your private password was entered by you when the application was submitted. SDF does not know or store your password; Only you know your password and you may reset it at any time.

Training classes taught by professional instructors are FREE to members on the website. Click on “Members” in the top navigation bar and follow the log in instructions. These are available 24/7.

You can view your account information from the user dashboard when you login.

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